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Small Text Generator

Small Text Generator

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What is a Small Text Generator?

Small Text Generator is an online text generator tool that converts regular text into fancy text. Therefore, it is sometimes called a fancy or cool text generator. The generated text includes small caps, subscripts, and superscripts.

How to use our small text generator:

Amazing features of our small text generator:

Our tiny text generator is very efficient. You can see instant results with this tool. Your result appears in the blink of an eye.

This tool is completely free to use and readily available.

Small text generator tool supports smart devices using the OS or android. You can use it with any word processing extension (.rtf, .txt, .docx)

This produces three different fonts from a single output.

  1. Small Caps: Small caps are not lower-case letters rather they are capital letters cut to the size of lower-case letters. Their shape looks as if the capital letters were trimmed in size.
  2. Subscripts: these are a bunch of fancy letters that are tilted up a little when written. 
  3. Subscripts: These are also called cool letters as their fonts seem to align a bit downwards.

What are these fancy words?

Our small text generator produces superscripts or subscripts of your standard text, which you send to your friends on Facebook as they look fantastic.

These fancy words are Unicode characters. Unicode is a universal standard code that contains thousands of characters. It is essential to mention that these letters are not alphabets.

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