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Get text to handwriting app on:

Text to handwriting converter

Text to handwriting converter can convert your typed text into the handwritten form displayed on realistic paper.

Sometimes it is very hectic for the students to write the long assignments manually using pen and paper, but don't worry, this realistic handwriting generator will efficiently do this job and convert text to handwriting with just one click .

Using this tool, you can choose the font size, pen Ink colors, font styles, page type and handwriting style and type the normal text to transform it into realistic handwritten text form.

Once you complete writing your text, you can download the page as a png image.

How to use text to handwriting generator?

To use a handwritten generator to convert the plain text, follow the below steps.

  1. First, choose the handwriting style from the "select handwriting" list.
  2. Pick the page type from the "Select page" options.
  3. Input the font size of the heading.
  4. Enter the primary body text size.
  5. Choose the pen-type or color from the "Select Pen Ink color" dropdown.

According to the instructions below, once you choose and set all the attributes, start typing your text to convert it into handwriting.

  • Type your paper heading into the "text into heading" input box.
  • Input your main body text in the "text into page line" text area.
  • You can also use the "upload file" option if you have already written the text.

This tool will automatically convert your plain text into handwritten form according to the options and attributes you have set earlier as you write the text.

You can also change the options at any time while you are writing.

Features of our Text to Handwriting Converter

This tool has numerous features. Some of them enlisted below.

Realistic paper output:

This text to handwriting generator has a very realistic page design on which the output appears after conversion. If you show someone after converting the text into the handwritten form, they will not recognize it is written with an online text to handwriting tool.

Authentic Paper shadow:

The best feature of this tool is that the shadow on the paper makes the text more authentic because, after downloading the page, it seems like you have taken the picture after manually writing the text on paper.

Print result:

One of the features of this tool is that you can also directly print your image from the browser by pressing the "print paper" button.

Download result:

This tool has the download PNG button, which will help you download your paper in the image format.

Word Counter:

This text to handwriting online tool also shows the word count that you have typed and helps you maintain your words ratio.

Convert image to pdf:

You can also transform your image to the pdf using this tool's "convert image to pdf" feature.

Upload File option:

You can also upload your files and quickly convert them into handwritten forms in just one click.

Free of cost:

One of the prominent features of this word to handwriting tool is that it is entirely free.