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Title Case Converter

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Table of Content

What is a title case converter?

A title case converter is a smart, online tool that converts your standard text into title text as required. It capitalizes the first letter of each principal word according to the rules. Our tile case converter capitalizes titles with just a click.

How does the title case tool work?

Our tool follows several title case capitalization rules. We have extracted these rules from different formatting styles such as APA, Chicago, and MLA and posted them here to give you a general idea.

Words not Capitalized by title case converter:

Several parts of speech are not capitalized in titles although they play an important role in sentence structuring.
These are:

Words capitalized by title case converter:

Differences in these style manuals:

How to use our title case tool?

Follow these simple steps:

What is the scope of our Title case converter?

Title case converter is very versatile in use. It encompasses the needs of all professions related to writing.

Whether you are a blogger writing your new book/blog, a scholar writing a research paper, a student preparing assignments, or even a journalist jotting down news reports, this title case converter will help you in many ways.