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What is an upside-down text generator?

An upside-down text generator or converter is a fancy tool that flips your text at an angle of 180 degrees instantly.

Sometimes you just want to break the ice in WhatsApp groups by doing something hilarious or you just want to confuse your friends. Flip text tool creates entertaining and funny characters by flipping text upside down. These characters are eye-catching when seen on screen. Your friends will marvel at your text as you send them. Interested? Let me show you the easiest way.

How to use our text upside down tool?

It’s pretty simple to use. Just follow the following steps

Let’s check out how flip text generator works:

Original text: “upside-down text generator tool”.
Upside down text: “loot rotareneg txet nwod-edispU”.

Such a result appears when you untick the reverse text effect. As you can see your normal text is reversed upside down and seems that some gibberish is written instead.

When you select both reverse text effect and flip text effect your whole text is first flipped and then reversed backwards.

Let’s see an example of this feature also:

Original text: “Upside down text converter”
Result: “∩dsᴉpǝ-poʍu ʇǝxʇ ƃǝuǝɹɐʇoɹ ʇool” 

What is an upside-down text?

People often question like what are they? Why are they not present on the keyboard or mobile pad?

Let’s solve this mystery. upside-down text letters are not alphabets present in ASCII rather they are Unicode characters.

Unicode stands for Universal Character Set and contains thousands of mysterious characters. See the codes below and you will understand what they are:

Unicode: (U+0250), (U+024), (U+01DD), (U+025F) etc. Each Unicode corresponds to each alphabet.

Where can you use upside down or flip text?

Features of our upside-down text converter: