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What is Mirror Text Generator?

A mirror text generator or reverse text is a tool that flips your normal written text to make it illegible. Evading from the normal way of writing, it produces the mirrored image of the text by scrambling the letters. A reflection of the reverse text in a mirror looks perfectly normal.

Fascinating Facts about Mirror Text:

Mirror writing or reverse text encompasses some interesting facts that fascinate scientists and laymen alike.

Mirror words writing being common in children sprouts from the early days of learning. Children create mirror generalizations.

In adults, this phenomenon arises due to some mental illness, such as damage to the left hemisphere. Apart from the scientific insights, mirror text writing found its traces in the annals of history.

Leonardo da Vinci, Creator of the Mona Lisa, a famous inventor of the Italian Renaissance, used to write mirror or reverse text. It is said that he wrote flip text because he wanted to hide his ideas from Catholic Church as well as his contemporaries.

Mirror text can be seen in Hollywood as in the case of Christopher Nolan’s, Memento, Scooby Do episode “Mystery Mash Makeup” and many more.

How to use our Mirror or Flip text generator?

This mirror or flip text generator is very handy. It comes in three options depending upon your choice.

Our flip text generator can

This mirror text generator tool provides you the leverage to play with freedom. You just type the text in the text area and click on the three available options.

Mirror Text generator not only upside down the direction of the text but also the text wording.

Example 1: 

Example 2:

Example 3:

What are the uses of the Mirror text Generator?