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Cursed Text Generator

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Cursed Font Generator

You can generate cursed text by using this Cursed text generator. This cursed font generator generates cursed text by adding symbols around the text. By which your text looks messy but attractive.

You can use cursed text at various places, such as in comments, for writing any post description, and even in text messages.

Cursed text converter is also known as Demonic text generator and creepy text generator.

How to use this Cursed font generator?

Below are the steps to generating a cursed text.

  1. Enter a text in the input field or upload a text file.
  2. Real-time results will be shown in the output box.

By following the same rules of steps you can also use our cursive text, Gothic text generators.

Why this cursed text generator?

This cursed text generator tool offers many noticeable features that are discussed below.

1.    Load sample text

You can load a sample text, which will make it clear what you need to enter in the input field.

2.    Clear text

You do not need to refresh the page; click on the “Clear text” button.

3.    Upload a file

This tool offers an uploading option, and you can upload a text file directly from your device. You do not need to copy-paste the text.

4.    Unlimited word count

Using this cursed word generator, you can generate an unlimited word count of cursed words. This online generator does not specify any words limit.

Where can we use cursed text?

After generating a cursed text copy paste it and use it to various platforms. Some of them are listed down.

1.    Cursed text for WhatsApp messages

This cursed font can be used in Instagram and WhatsApp messages. You can write any message using cursed text.


Using this cursed text converter, you can make your comments more engaging or attractive.

3.    Post descriptions

Descriptions are the first impression of a post, and you can make your post description more appealing by adding cursed letters in it.

4.    Privacy

You can write your social media account’s name using cursed text, especially when you want people don’t find your profile.