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Text Summarizer

What is a summarizing tool?

A text summarizer or summarizing tool is an online tool that shortens your text to a considerable length thereby, retaining its original meaning. It provides an abstract of your paragraphs which can be used in many ways.

Definition of summary:

According to the Merriam Webster:

“Covering the main points succinctly.”

How to make a summary manually?

A summary should contain all the main points of the text and all the necessary information is distilled in it. We make a summary to give the general idea of the whole text to the reader. By reading your text the reader knows fully what the actual text is meant to be.

Some basic points to make a summary are:

  • Grasp the main idea.

  • Make it shorter by using eloquent words.

  • Do not add your ideas- it should not be biased.

  • Add sentence connectors to build flow.

Why summarizing tool is important?

Creating a summary is often considered an awful task. You need an intelligent use of fewer words that are full of meanings. Like Shakespeare, a classical novelist said,” Brevity is the soul of wit.” So, to maintain that eloquence you need the complete command over your words.

If you want to write a summary of your text, you need a lot of practice. Moreover, it is a very time taking task to train your mind in that way.

So, what should you do? If you do not have an appreciable amount of time or you just want to complete a single assignment since you don’t want to be a literature expert.

The answer to this question lies in the name of summarizing tool that can help you summarize text easily.

Why do you need our article summarizer?

Our text or paragraph summarizer is the best owing to its AI-based algorithms that work efficiently no matter how long the text is.

It produces a natural summary teeming with meanings and is quite easy to understand. Such a type of summary is difficult to write but our text summarizer does this task with a click.

Basic highlights of our Text Summarizer Tool:

Free to use:

Our best summary generator is free and even maintains your privacy and anonymity as you need not sign up or log in to use it.

Check the plagiarism:

This feature allows students, teachers, and journalists to check their text's plagiarism by pressing the "check plagiarism" button after summarizing by using our online text summarizer tool. After all, you can also download your summarized text in a .doc file using the "download" button.

Set summary length:

It provides user-oriented results owing to its feature of summarization length. In this way, you can set your text summary length between 0-100 depending upon your use.

It gives you a wide range of results which you can use according to your needs.

  • Bullet points: 

When you want to convey your message more forcefully and precisely then you use bullet points. 

As people have less attention span so bullet points can help you pass the required formation easily. It can also help to grab the reader's attention and to create wonderful presentations.

  • Ranks your content: 

You can use this feature to analyze your text so that you know which lines contain the most information. This can also help to rank your content according to quality.

  • Best sentence option: 

The best sentence describes the gist of the paragraph. If you want to know the best sentence you can use this feature. And also it will create fully structured sentences as the sentence case converters can do.

  • Upload option: 

You can “upload text” that you want to summarize in .txt, .pdf, .doc format in our online summary generator.

How to use our summarizing tool?

  • Copy-paste the content in the inbox.


  • Upload the “text document” into the text area

  • Click on the “summarize” button.

  • You can also select the summary length, show bullets, best line, and ranked base.

Scope of our Text Summarizer tool?


Students can use this summarizer to complete their assignments as teachers often give them such questions.

They can also understand a particular topic by making a summary. Creating presentations is no more difficult by using this summarizing tool.


In the world of journalism, the news is making its rounds in seconds. Journalists need this tool to rapidly spread the word, as a lengthy news report won’t create sensations among readers.

So, to come up with striking headlines and small press releases, journalists use summarizing tool to make their whole story brief.


Organic traffic is the key to successful blogging. Bloggers can use this summarizing tool to create awesome introductions and conclusions that engage readers to read the whole post.

Social media marketers/copywriters:

In this era of e-commerce, a well-written ad or a sales copy can create booming businesses. Products/ services don't sell mainly on quality rather they are sold on the level of persuasion.

Our summarizing tool can help you create enticing taglines that are needed to cajole the customers towards buying your products/services. By using this paragraph summarizer you can also generate the summary of small caps, subscript and superscript sentences.