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Zalgo Text Generator

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Zalgo Font Generator

A Zalgo text generator can make a boring text into an engaging one by messily adding Unicode symbols.
The Zalgo text generated by this tool can be used to make your postings more interesting and attractive.
You can surely use this text for commenting, description writing, and for many purposes.

This Zalgo generator has an attractive interface because being simple is being attractive, you can easily generate the Zalgo text by using this tool by textreverse.

There is more than one option to input the text and the copying of results are very easy.

How to use this Zalgo text converter?

You can generate a Zalgo text, copy-paste it by following the few steps discussed below.

  1. Type a word, paste something, or upload a file from the device.
  2. Real-time results will be generated in the output field.
  3. Copy the results from the output field.
  4. Load an example text specified by this tool.
  5. After copying the results, you can clear the text.

Zalgo vs Glitch text

Zalgo text is somehow similar to the "glitch text" but you can see the slight difference between the two in the below image:

zalgo vs glitch text

You can also use our cursive text generators to give a stylish look to your writing.

Why this Text Zalgo Generator?

By having a look at the below-discussed features, you can determine how helpful this Zalgo text converter is, for generating a Zalgo text.

1.    Free of cost

This Zalgo text generator is free which means no cost is required for using this tool or even for signup.
You can search the Zalgo generator and you are all set to get the engaging text that can be used anywhere.

2.    Instant results

There is no need of investing too much time, you’ll get the Zalgo text in the output fields as soon as type something in the input field.

You don’t need to press any button for getting the results.

3.    Load example text

Before entering something in the input field, you can load an example text for getting an idea about what to type in this field.

You can load this example text by clicking on the “sample load” button.

4.    Easy interface

For getting a Zalgo text, a few steps are needed and this is because of the easy interface of the Zalgo generator.

Where we can use a Zalgo font?

A Zalgo text generated by Zalgo text generator can be used on various platforms and some of them are listed below.

1.    Social media postings

You can use a Zalgo text while writing a post description of anything that is going to be published on social media.

2.    Personal messages

This text generated by a Zalgo font generator can be used in personal messages just to make it more engaging.

3.    Comments section

You can generate attractive comments containing Zalgo text using this Zalgo font generator.