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Lower Case to Upper Case Converter

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Table of Content

What is a lower case to upper case converter?

Lower case to upper case converter automatically converts the lower-case text to the capital letter without rewriting or changing it manually.

Transform text by our lower to upper case converter

This upper case converter focuses on each lower-case letter entered in the text area and converts it into capital letters or alphabets.

However, there is an exception to this tool.


You can use our upper case tool exclusively to capitalize your small case letter, irrespective of its font case. It means that if you have already entered upper case text into the text area, then it would remain the same. Only the lower case letters will change.


Use this method to convert lower case to caps on a single click.

Why use our lower case to upper case tool?

While writing something or after completing your work, you forget to capitalize certain words, for example, you have written a well-intended sales copy but forget to highlight attention-grabbing lines then definitely you are not going to get a breakthrough. In that case, our tool comes into play.