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What are cursive text and cursive text generator?

This cursive text generator is a unique online tool that is fun and easy to use at the same time. 

Cursive font is similar to a human writing font.  It has joined stokes and letters and there are a number of ways to write in cursive writing.

The computerized cursive font is easy to understand as compared to the one written by a human (not a Calligrapher human! ????) as the letters are of the same size.

Features of our cursive font generator

Cursive font generator gives you three fonts i.e script, bold script, and double struck. A sample of these fonts in Lorem Ipsum is given below.

  1. Script
    cursive text

  2. Bold script
    cursive text 2

  3. Double-struck
    cursive text 3

Click on the cursive text to copy and paste it anywhere you want. Make your Instagram bios, Facebook posts, and Whatsapp messages fancy using this generator.

It can be used to name a folder in your desktops and laptops as well. If you like this generator then try our aesthetic text generator.