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Table of Content

Plagiarism Detector

A Plagiarism checker is an online text-matching tool that detects similar or copied content in your text. It compares your content with several sources which already contain that information.

What is plagiarism?

If you are associated with academics or content writing some way or the other, you might have come across this term. Not knowing what this term exactly mean can be problematic for you.

Let’s decipher this term!

Here is some basic understanding of plagiarism to save you from confusion.

Plagiarism defines by dictionary (Merriam-Webster):

As written in Merriam-Webster dictionary
1.    “To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own.”
2.    “To commit literary theft.”

Definition by Oxford University:

According to the Oxford University
“Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment.”

US Law about Plagiarism:

These definitions had surely cleared your plagiarism concept. Having said that, it is very important to know the implications of plagiarism.

In the light of US Law plagiarism can be a serious offense but if you acknowledge the original author and cite the copied information then your life is saved.

A person owning copyright can sue you under USC subsections: 102, 401, 405.

Why our Plagiarism detector?

After knowing the gravity of copyright infringement, you should avoid plagiarism in any case. It is not only a serious offense but also it maligns your integrity. Apart from this, plagiarize content is a disaster for SEO.

Traditionally, people use to check plagiarism manually by sifting through already published works and checking for any copied content.

It was a herculean task because you have to go through the written text part by part and check precisely for plagiarized content, still leaving doubts of human error.

In contrast, the advent of revolution in IT has brought several beneficial tools that can do your tasks efficiently.

One of them is an online plagiarism checker that can find plagiarism within seconds. Now increase your work efficiency with our smart and free originality checker exponentially.


A Complete Product:

Our free plagiarism checker is a complete package, better than any other tool such as Turnitin. Because it not only checks through research papers and dissertations but also online published content such as blogs etc.

Upload files Option:

This tool has an upload files option where you can upload your text in .txt, .pdf, .doc format directly from your hard disk. It saves you from the practice of writing or copy-pasting your text.

Deeply Check for Plagiarism:

This tool checks for copied content through each sentence of your text. Its AI-based algorithms take up a sentence by its context. Not even a single line is ignored in this way.

Plagiarism Remover:

Don’t frustrate if you find any duplication in your content. This tool figures out a solution for you. Paraphrasing your content to make it different with our paraphrasing tool.

High Compatibility:

Our content originality checker is a user-friendly tool that can be your writing assistant. Now check for plagiarism with ease on your smartphone. It supports both android and iOS.

How to use our online plagiarism checker:

Follow these simple steps:

Scope of our Plagiarism Detector:


Making unique assignments can be a hectic task for students. First, the teachers give plenty of assignments, and second, deadlines are very short.

Students are overwhelmed by their number and often plagiarize their content in haste unknowingly. To meet their demands, this free plagiarism checker for students can solve this problem in seconds.

With the help of this tool, Students can easily check the difference between their assignments and content available online.

Research scholars:

If you are a research lover and don’t know whether your content contains plagiarism or not, then you need not frustrate. You can use our free plagiarism detector to detect duplicate content and eventually rectify it.

Content writer and Bloggers:

Crafting a new idea and using it to generate sales has become difficult. Every business has become online, and the number of bloggers and content writers is increasing day by day.

This also poses a serious challenge as lots of content about a single idea is already on the internet. Thus, it becomes difficult to escape the possibility of plagiarized content.

However, your content won’t easily rank in google if it contains plagiarism. Our plagiarism detector is a way to come out of this dead end.