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What is an Online Paraphrasing Tool?

An online paraphrasing tool rephrases articles by changing the sentence structure to avoid plagiarism. It, however, maintains the original meaning of the text.

Definition of Paraphrase:

By ThoughtCo.

“A paraphrase is a restatement of a text in another form or other words, often to simplify or clarify meaning.”

How to use a Rephrasing Tool?

To paraphrase online you can use this sentence rephraser in a few simple steps.

  1. Type or paste your content into the text area.

  2. Click on the “Paraphrase” button.

There you go. A well-paraphrased content appears in the text area.

Features of our Paraphrasing Tool

This paraphraser has the following features:

Free of cost:

Whenever you want any content to paraphrase you can use our free rephrasing tool. You don’t need to give your credentials for any payment method. 

Content copy option:

Once your content is rephrased, you can easily copy it by clicking on the “copy button”.

No Word Limit:

Our tool can handle plenty of content, as it has no word limit to paraphrase text. Now, you can rephrase as many articles as you want. 

Fast and reliable:

After pasting the content, you can use this paraphrasing tool in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is reliable to use because your content is protected and safe in it. One thing you should know is that rephrasing tools don't rewrite the mirror texts or reverse texts.

Removes Plagiarism:

The main goal to use a paraphrasing tool is to remove plagiarism. This tool can do this task for you easily. It substitutes similar words in the text and change sentence with the same meaning.

You can also check the plagiarism after paraphrasing your content through our tools.

Who can use our paraphraser?


This paraphraser is an efficient rewriting tool for students. Assignments and theses are a burden for them.

Due to less time, students often copy their peer’s assignments just to get through the courses, but this copied content contains plagiarism. 

Our paraphrasing tool is designed in such a way as to remove plagiarism from their assignments. In this way, they can get good results in their assessments.


Producing unique and engaging content is the key to successful blogging. Your whole practice of writing becomes flawed if you can’t remove plagiarism from your content to make it unique. This can help bloggers produce unique and plagiarism-free content.

Digital Marketers:

Paraphrasing tool has also found its use in digital marketing. The ins and outs of digital marketing are changing. Unless Digital marketers equip themselves with novel techniques, they can’t generate sales anymore. Through rewording tools, these marketers create eye-catching copy that strikes the sore spot of the readers.


In this era, the news industry is on the boom. Now and then you witness breaking news headlines and tickers striking back and forth in an astounding manner. A single piece of news is represented uniquely to grab the attention of readers.

There may be many confusions or similarities that occur about the news and files because several news agencies and organizations are competing. To overcome this problem You can paraphrase the news with this paraphrasing tool and then check the difference between the two news before publishing it.

Moreover, the number of news channels is growing day by day. To stand out in this competing environment journalists should use this sentence changer. This tool will help them create mesmerizing headlines and articles.


Freelancing has become the most promising means of earning. Freelancers connect with people around the world through the internet.

However, it is believed that the cover letter that they send to their clients helps them win the projects. This rephrasing tool will help freelancers write engaging cover letters and articles.

Research Scholars:

Universities are producing Ph.D. scholars each year. It’s a good thing but this road is full of trials and tribulations.

The biggest challenge for a Ph.D. scholar is to write an innovative thesis free from any plagiarism. Because in academic culture plagiarism is considered an act of serious misconduct.

Gone are the days when a scholar consults several sources and then paraphrases his/her thesis by himself. Our scholarly paraphrasing tool can help researchers write a unique thesis by rewording their scholarly content manually.