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Online Notepad

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Our online notepad let you create notes online with an amazing AutoSave feature.
This online notepad editor allows you to create, edit, and save your text only in TXT format.

How to use this online text editor?

To modify your text by using our online text editor follow the below steps

  • simply write or directly paste your text into the input box.
  • You can also upload TXT, DOCX, and PDF files.
  • You can press the save button to save your document on this Textpad online.
  • Once done writing the text, you can print your text copy and paste it where ever you want.
  • Press the check plagiarism button to see the duplication in the content.

Features of our Online Notepad

Files Uploading 

You can upload your TXT, DOCX, and PDF files in this online text editor and make changes without any hurdles.

Copy and Paste

The copy feature of our online notepad helps you to copy a specific piece of text within the editor and allows you to paste it anywhere in the tool with one click.

Undo and Redo

The undo function clears all the written text in the input, whereas, the redo feature restores the erased text from the plain text editor.

Select All Option

This feature lets you select all the text written in this online notepad editor and allow you to copy-paste it within the notepad.

AutoSave Text

This feature automatically saves your notes and restores the last edited text even if you have closed your browser.

Edit New File

Once you have done editing your text and want to create new notes online, then use this feature.
It clears all text from the text pad online and helps you to write and save new text files in seconds.

Print Text

You can use this feature to print the text written in the input box with one click.

Save File

You need to save your text document whenever you write a new text or make changes to the previous one.

This feature allows you to quickly save your document as a plain text file and helps you to edit it whenever you want.

Check Plagiarism

This feature of our virtual notepad helps you to check the plagiarism of your note within seconds.
It matches your text with online resources and detects plagiarized text by using the latest AI technology.

No Installation

With this online notepad, you can create a hassle-free note without installing software. It further requires no registration or login process to create and save notes online.

Free to use

This blank notepad online is completely free and secure to use for everyone. You do not have to pay any charges to create and save notes online.

Advantages of using this Online Notepad Editor

  • This online content editor helps you to create notes at any time with an AutoSave feature.
  • It helps you to edit notes and other documents without installing software or program.
  • You can save the text written in the online text editor and edit it whenever you need.
  • This online content editor also allows writers to check the uniqueness of their content with the Check Plagiarism feature.